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Answers to the ACS

Private Pilot ASEL

Volume I: Ground Portion

Volume I addresses the ground portion of the Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) practical test, also known as the oral exam. Over the course of 1,000 pages every knowledge, risk, and skill element is addressed for Area of Operation I.

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Weather Briefing

Procedures for obtaining a weather briefing in the modern age and word-for-word explanations for presenting to the examiner in line with the ACS are provided.

Cross-Country Flight Planning

Detailed step-by-step procedures for how to plan a cross-country flight in accordance with the ACS are provided, as well as verbatim explanations for presenting to the examiner similar to the weather briefing.

Aircraft Systems

All systems for common trainer aircraft are discussed in detail. Find your system a la carte style and only study what you need in this vast reference.

Weather Products and Phenomena

All weather products and phenomena are described in depth along with example questions and answers you can expect from the examiner.

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Answers to the ACS

Private Pilot ASEL

Volume II: Flight Portion

Volume II addresses the flight portion of the practical test which includes Area of Operation II and on. Volume II is in work with an expected release to be determined.

Maneuver Profiles

Graphical profiles along with detailed textual descriptions are provided for every maneuver. Every ACS skill element is discussed within each maneuver to ensure that you comply.

Practical Aircraft Operation

Preflight, engine start, flight deck management, taxiing, you name it. Answers to the ACS not only tells you how to ace the checkride but also how to safely and efficiently operate your airplane.

In-Flight Procedures

Whether it’s radio communication, navigation, a diversion, lost procedures, or systems and equipment malfunctions, Answers to the ACS walks you through what you need to do for various in-flight procedures to comply with the ACS.

Flying with the Examiner

Remember, oral questioning doesn’t stop for the flight portion of the checkride. Answers to the ACS tells you what questions to expect from the examiner in flight and how to answer them.