Checkride Workbooks

Our Checkride Workbooks are available for free for each certificate and rating. Answers to the ACS Checkride Workbooks supplement our books and serve as checklists and guided study for your checkride. Scroll down to learn more.

Practical Test Information Form

To record important information for your checkride such as the scenario and weight and balance information provided by the examiner.

Master Checklist

So you don’t forget anything at home come checkride day.

Logbook Audit Form

To ensure you have the required flight times and endorsements in your logbook.

Aircraft Inspections Form

To ensure your aircraft is airworthy and all required inspections are up to date.

Weather Log

To record pertinent information concerning your weather briefing and allow for a streamlined presentation to the examiner.

Navigation Log

Our Navigation Log is custom-made to comply with the ACS, including your presentation to the examiner and all in-flight requirements.

Cross-Country Risk Analysis Form

The ACS requires a risk analysis of the cross-country flight to be presented to the examiner. Our Cross-Country Risk Analysis Form guides you through this process.

ICAO Flight Plan Form

Remember, the FAA transitioned to the ICAO Flight Plan format back in 2019. An ICAO Flight Plan Form is provided.

Weight and Balance and Performance Form

Allows you to consolidate all weight and balance and performance information from numerous charts and tables for presentation to the examiner.

Systems Forms

Whether it’s basic aircraft systems for private, flight/navigation/ice protection systems for instrument, or complex/high-performance/multiengine systems for commercial, our Systems Forms help you to identify what your airplane is equipped with to allow for guided study in our books.

Personal Minimums Form

The ACS requires a self-assessment presentation to the examiner which includes a determination of personal minimums. Our Personal Minimums Form guides you through this process.

Fitness for Flight Form

The ACS also requires a determination and presentation of fitness for flight to the examiner. Our Fitness For Flight form guides you through this process.