Mojsak Aero LLC was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing quality flight training material. Answers to the ACS is our flagship product line that seeks to fully and objectively address the FAA’s Airman Certification Standards for pilots.

Patrick Mojsak

Owner and Author

Patrick Mojsak is currently a captain at a regional airline. He holds an airline transport pilot certificate with airplane single and multiengine land ratings, as well as commercial pilot airplane single engine sea and glider ratings. His type ratings include the Embraer 170/190, Embraer 145, Citation 560XL, and Learjet. He has been a flight instructor for over 10 years and holds a flight instructor certificate with airplane single and multiengine land, instrument airplane, and glider ratings.

Patrick earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and worked at Cessna Aircraft Company (now Textron Aviation) as an electrical engineer for 4 years. In that time, he worked on aircraft from the Cessna TTx to the Citation Longitude performing avionics integration and testing, FADEC integration, and certification compliance.

Patrick’s experience as a flight instructor was his inspiration for writing the Answers to the ACS series. Lack of concise and objective resources, dependence on word-of-mouth information, and the new and complex Airman Certification Standards all necessitated a new reference to be procured for instructors and applicants alike. Patrick seeks to bring objectivity to the forefront of the flight training industry with the Answers to the ACS series.

Brian M.


Brian is a contributor and offers his insight and experience in many articles at Answers to the ACS. He is currently a Boeing 737 pilot for a major US airline and an advocate for safety across the aviation industry. Brian holds CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings and has experience as an instructor and check instructor at a part 141 flight school. Additionally, he was a LOSA observer and has served in variety of volunteer roles related to airline safety. Notably, he was a member of pilot air safety and accident investigation committees. Brian began his safety work while a member of the safety committee at the Part 141 flight school where he was an instructor.