The Ultimate Checkride Prep

Answers to the ACS addresses each ACS in its entirety – every single knowledge, risk, and skill element. No shortcuts taken. See why Answers to the ACS is the premiere checkride prep.

Get in Your Element

As the name implies, Answers to the ACS is organized just like the ACS. Simply tap on the link to the area of operation, task, and element you want to study. Every element is fully and thoroughly addressed.

The Risk Elements Explained

Every risk element is addressed individually, unlike the competition or even the FAA which only provide vague and sampled explanations. Risk elements are addressed through objective analysis of NTSB accident reports, NASA ASRS reports, accident studies, and more. We’ve done the hard work for you, and it shows in these 1,000+ page references.

Fully Sourced

Answers to the ACS is fully sourced with regulations, ACs, letters of interpretation and more - all to provide you with the correct answer. If your examiner doesn’t believe you, show them the source yourself.

Examiner Presentations

The ACS requires that applicants make multiple presentations to the examiner including the weather briefing, cross-country flight planning, a cross-country risk analysis, and more. We walk you through everything you need to do step-by-step.

Oral Exam Q & A

Q & A for multiple examiner questions are provided. It’s like the Oral Exam Guide, but better.


While others discuss jet systems or airline accidents in their materials, Answers to the ACS is specific to general aviation. Whether it’s performance, aircraft systems, or risk analysis, we keep it focused to only what you need.

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"Most people really stress about not being well enough prepared for their checkrides. Answers to the ACS is by far the most complete and in depth test prep text I have come across. It explains every knowledge, skill, and risk area that you might be tested on and will prepare you to not only make it through your oral and flight exam with ease but be well prepared to begin your piloting career!""

Tony Condon

Designated Pilot Examiner